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Griffin Liquor Store

Just down the road from our pub we have a well stocked liquor store, offering the best of local and imported beer, wines and spirits. Don't see what you're looking for? Have a chat and we will see what we can do!

Liquor Store: About

What's New & What's On Sale

We are always looking for new products to try so pop by to check what's in store.
We also love a bargain, so remember to scan our sale shelf when you stop by. Below is a sampling of our new products & sale items.


Unsworth Wines

New to our store, a selection of delicious wines from the Cowichan Valley winery - Unsworth. From their fresh Prosecco style bubbles to their take on a classic Vancouver Island Pinot Noir, we have an Unsworth for every palette.

pinot G.jpg

Bolla Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie 2020

This lively offering from Northern Veneto is a dry, fresh fruit forward wine with hints of melon, pear and lime. On sale at our place for only $15.00 including taxes.


Monopole Rioja

A unique white Rioja, with notes of pear, green apple and pineapple. Dry and chalky on the palette with initial hints of lemon rind and cucumber, it finishes as a full flavoured, interesting wine. Definitely worth a try at our sale price of 12.50!


Jinro Soju

A new addition to our spirit shelves! Soju is a Korean white spirit, akin to vodka or gin, but only half the alcohol content. Often sipped, cold and neat, but easily replaces you're usual tipple in a cocktail for a lower alcohol bevvy. Jinro is the number one selling brand in the world overall.

Liquor Store: What's Happening
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